Marketing is a major part of any business. If you don’t market, you don’t make sales. But calling it marketing may keep you in the wrong frame of mind.

The word “marketing” puts you in the frame of mind of bringing customers to your business. More of a sales-y feeling. That’s not a bad thing, but a little switch might help you to think of what you’re doing in a way that’s more helpful to your customers and your business.

You aren’t marketing. You’re finding solutions.

You’re finding solutions your customers need. This encourages you to think of what your customers need, rather than just what you want to offer them. You need to think more from their perspective. Don’t market them. Find a solution they want and offer it to them.

There are many ways to think of the problems potential customers are facing. It can be a problem of image. It can be a problem around the house. It can be a problem with their career.

Whatever the problem is, don’t think strictly of what will make the sale for you. Think of what will make the purchase right for the customer.

You’re also finding solutions for your business. What brings in the most money? What works? What doesn’t? What has the best return for your efforts?

When you’re solving problem, you test. That’s something you should always be doing in your marketing, testing. Test sales copy. Test landing pages. Test prices. Test traffic sources. Keep testing.

There are a few things that will tell you if you’ve solved a particular marketing problem, but money is a favorite way for most to know. We’re pretty much in business for the money, with loving what we do as a wonderful benefit that’s almost as important. But few of us can run any sort of business purely for the love of it. A decent income is needed to keep the passion alive.

Not every solution you create will work out. Sometimes you’ll lose money.

But you’ll always learn something, even if it’s “Wow. That really, really didn’t work like I thought it would!”

Most failures have something more to teach, however. There may have been some money earned, and if you can separate that part out, you can find out what part of the failure worked. That’s valuable information you may be able to use on its own or combine with a new solution. Or maybe it brought in traffic but poor to no sales. It’s up to you to figure out if it was purely low quality traffic or another problem.

Don’t fool yourself and think that any business can get away without marketing. Instead, treat your marketing as a chance to find solutions to the problems you and your potential customers face.