A forum poster gets paid to post in forums. It’s a pretty simple job, often with minimal requirements. Unfortunately, that minimal part also goes for the common pay, which may not be great. But if you enjoy the topic it may not be such a bad deal.

Forum posters may be hired by people wanting to grow their forum or by people wanting to market their business. In either case you need to follow the rules of the forum you are posting on. Use whatever signature your client wants you to use for your posts.

Pay is often in the $0.15-0.20 per post range.

Qualifications/Training Needed?

Many forum posting jobs do want you to know a little something about the topic of the forum. They’re prefer to hire a parent to post in a parenting forum, for example, or someone who enjoys photography in a photography forum.

You should have sample posts ready to show for companies you are new to. Over time you can build a good reputation to get more work from particular companies.

Job Duties

Post on the specified forums as detailed in the assignment listing. Job assignments may tell you how often to start a new thread versus responding to one started by someone else. They may tell you how much to spread your posts apart in time.

Your posts should match the style of the forum. If most users use popular chat abbreviations such as LOL or IMHO, you’re probably safe to do likewise. Your spelling and grammar should be excellent.

Equipment Needed

If you’re here, you probably have all you need. Computer and internet connection. A Paypal account is a good idea too.

Where to Search for Jobs

Digital Point Content Creation forum – Just look for forum posting jobs. Other writing jobs also listed here.
Coding Forums Vacant Job Positions forum – Only occasional forum posting jobs, mostly coding positions.
Best Forum Posting
Forum Advantage/Paid Forum Posting – Owned by the same company
Forums First
Forum Post
Kickstart Your Forums
Posting Direct
Wired Flame

Related Scams

One of the challenges with this type of work is that companies can sometimes be slow to pay or suddenly quit paying. This is probably the most common complaint of forum posters. Doing the work you were assigned and not getting paid is a very unpleasant experience.

Keep track of the posts you make for each company you work for. If you start getting excuses for why you aren’t being paid, keep asking for your pay until you get it, and decide if the company is worth working for in the future. Sometimes it will be a yes, sometimes a no, depending on how constant the problems are.

And never, ever pay to show that you’re interested in one of these jobs.