What Were the Top 10 Consumer Complaints in 2012?

Every year, the FTC releases a list of the most common complaints they received. Dealing with work at home scams as I do, I found the list pretty interesting. After all, this isn’t the only industry that has a lot of trouble with scams. Here’s the FTC’s top 10 consumer complaint list:

  1. FTC Top 10 Consumer ComplaintsIdentity Theft – 369,132 complaints
  2. Debt collection – 199,721 complaints
  3. Banks and Lenders – 132,340 complaints
  4. Shop-at-Home and Catalog Sales – 115,184 complaints
  5. Prizes, Sweepstakes and Lotteries – 98,479 complaints
  6. Impostor Scams – 98,479 complaints
  7. Internet Services – 81,438 complaints
  8. Auto-Related Complaints – 78,062 complaints
  9. Telephone and Mobile Services – 76,783 complaints
  10. Credit Cards – 51,550 complaints

Really not a lot of surprises in there. Possibly the worst part is that they got more than 2 million complaints for the first time ever. I could wish that it were just people getting better about complaining when they get burned, but I doubt it.

While many of these have no relation to working at home, it’s important to remember that scams are out there all over the place. Be careful who you do business with and who you share your information with, always.

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