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Work at Home Articles

Want to work at home but don't want to leave your job? Telecommute!
Who's recruiting who?

Work at Home Scams
This is a topic anyone looking at work at home opportunities needs to be aware of. Scams are often easier to come by than legitimate opportunities, so it pays to know what the signs are.

How do work at home parents get health coverage?

How to Write a Work at Home Resume
Skills are important when you want to work at home, but experience isn't the only thing you need to emphasize on your resume.

Resume writing for the stay at home parent
How to stay motivated while working at home

How do you spot a scam?
Understanding the signs of scams can save you a great deal of money and heartache.

Who really hires telecommuters?
Getting work done when you just can’t distract the kids
Kids! You love them, but some days they just won't leave you alone when you need to get some work done.
How to Propose Telecommuting

Is Your Family Really Benefiting When You Work at Home?
Working at home means less time for your family than you might expect. Make sure you're doing things for the right reason.

Home Business Articles

It's a Taxing Time of Year
When tax time rolls around it's important that you take care of things correctly.

Work from home job? Business? How do you decide?
There's more to getting started working at home than deciding you want to earn from home. One of the most important decisions you will make is whether you are more suited to a work at home job or a home business.

Start your own Business
Basic resources for the things you will need to do in order to start your home business.

How do you get time to run your home business?
The biggest trouble for some people with home business is that it's at HOME! The kids can be quite distracting as well as other household issues.

Is AdSense right for your website?
To AdSense or not to AdSense? That is the question. The answer depends on what you expect your site to do.

Choosing your home business niche
The right niche makes running your home business more fun and more profitable.

Are you ready to start a home business?
Read this to think about whether or not you're really ready to start a home business. It may not be as simple as you think.

It's Easy Money!
So many people try to make you think that their home business opportunity is easy money. Just how likely is that?

Be Yourself and Persuade Others
Sometimes being natural is a very effective writing and marketing technique.

Three Steps to a Professional Image
One of the most important things for any business is that it appear professional. Take special care of your image when you run your business from home.

Are you an Independent Contractor or an Employee?
Which one are you? Knowing your correct status can help you handle your taxes correctly.

Myths and Misconceptions About Starting an Online Business
As with any form of working at home, there are many myths about running a home business. Make sure you know the myths.

Family/Parenting Articles

Are we there yet?
Traveling with the kids can be a bit of a bear. However, if you prepare them for the trip and make it fun, time may pass more quickly.

"But it's not educational!"
Do all children's toys need to be utterly educational? What happened to fun?

Are you making time for your marriage?
Your marriage should be extremely important to you, yet many couples lose track of spending time together when they have children.

Play with me, Mommy!
The kids want time with Mommy, but Mommy needs to get things done. What to do, what to do?

Staying home costs too much!
The cost of going down to one income keeps many women from choosing to stay home to raise their families. It may not cost what you think.

Make time to relax with at home spa treatments
Make a little time for you. Indulging your senses doesn't mean you need hours to yourself, a luxury many stay at home moms lack.

Keep your kids busy on wintery days
Stall the litany of boredom by planning for those days when playing outside isn't the best option.

At-Home Parents Need Time Too
When one parent works and the other stays home it's easy for the stay at home parent to forget to take time off too.

So You Want a Nontoxic Home

Stop the Mom Wars
Stay at home mom. Work at home mom. Is the difference really all that important?

How to Cope with Stay at Home Burnout
Being a stay at home mom is exhausting and breaks are hard to come by. So what do you do when you can't do any more?

Stay at Home Mom Pride
"Just" a stay at home mom? Says who???

Are SAHMs and WAHMs Underemployed?
With all the negative stereotypes, choosing to be at home with your family can be pretty tough. But should you be considered underemployed?

Time Management for Stay at Home Parents
Even stay at home parents can use time management techniques to make their days run a little more smoothly.

Quiet Time for Parents
Get a little peace and quiet for you. The kids aren't the only ones who sometimes need to wind down.

Mommy's Turn
Teach your children early on to respect when it's Mommy's turn to talk and to do things.

Am I Hurting My Child By Staying Home?
Parents always find things to feel guilty about the job they're doing. But should you feel bad about being a stay at home parent?

Do Your Kids Need So Much Stuff?
Toys, toys everywhere, and not a place to take a step! Maybe it's time for a cleanup.

Can You Stay Home?
Is being a stay at home mom even practical for you? Another look at the costs and savings.

Where DO you get the time?
No matter what you do, there's always more to be done. Welcome to life as an at home parent.

Saving Money Articles

Saving money on groceries
Food is one of those expenses you just can't avoid. However you can cut your food bill if you're careful.

Affordable entertainment for your family
Having fun as a family doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money.

Romantic Evenings on a Budget
Romance doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't even have to be away from home.

Shop in Consignment Stores and Save Money
Shopping in consignment stores can be an amazing experience. It's a way to find beautiful furniture more affordably.

Are You Taking Advantage of eBay Yet?
eBay is an amazing and addictive place to shop. You can find unusual items at great prices if you take care.

Get Fit Without Spending a Fortune
Gym memberships can be hard on a tight budget. You do have options.

Retirement Planning for the Stay-At-Home Mom
Many stay at home moms give very little thought to what they're going to do when they retire. This can be a major mistake.

When times are tight
There can be times in your life when things just get a little rough. Sometimes you have to make some tough sacrifices or ask for help.

Finding the Right Apartment on a Tight Budget
Even when money is tight, sometimes you have to move. A careful search can turn up apartments in your price range.

Holiday shopping on eBay
Have a little fun and find something really unique! Shopping for gifts on eBay can make a lot of sense.

Is COBRA Coverage the Way to Go?
COBRA coverage can be a great way to transition from health plan to health plan. But it's not the only option out there.

Easy Summer Family Fun
You need to take time to have fun with your family. Fortunately it doesn't have to cost anything to have a really great time.

The Cost of Working Outside the Home
Sometimes being a stay at home mom can be a financial benefit to your family. You just have to calculate the cost of working.

Homemade Cleansers
Some cleansers can be made at home for less than you could buy them. Most are more environmentally friendly and less toxic too.

Safety and Privacy Articles

Is Someone Else's Computer Watching You?
If you aren't protecting your computer adequately, spyware and viruses can do all kinds of nasty things to your poor, innocent computer. Protect yourself.

Do your children know how to be safe?
Protecting your children is one of your most important jobs as a parent. Help them know when they need an adult's help.

Let Me (Opt) Out!
Tired of all the junk mail you recieve? You might be amazed at the things you can opt out of in the real world.

Protect your kids online
There's a lot of trouble children can get into online these days whether or not they mean to.

How safe is your child’s play equipment?
Playing outside is a great way for your kids to get exercise. Make sure you've checked the safety of their play equipment.

Is Your Computer Safe from Viruses?
If you aren't taking solid steps to protect yourself, it may not be.

More Ways to Keep Your Computer Safe
If you get onto the internet, you need to make sure you're protecting the computer from the many hazards you can't see coming.

Internet Articles

Making the most of online searching
Using search engines effectively can really help you find what you need. The tricks are not all that hard to learn.

What are Randomizers?

Diet and Fitness

All Those Diets – Which Ones Work?
Diets, diets everywhere! Which one do you think is right for you?

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